An Introduction

Hello! My students know me as Mr. Bailey.

When I was ten the internet had just began crawling. Many simple websites had sprouted up and gained popularity  (ie the hamster dance ) while others miraculously haven’t changed in all those years (ex: the official space jam movie website).

Me and friends in Grade 5 also wanted to make websites. We began using notepad and writing html code:

<body> Hello World! </body>

(Try that yourself. Copy and paste that into notepad, save as .html, then open and voila!)

Now, there are programmed languages for everything from Websites, Scripts, Software, Games, Apps, and more. Even traditionally non-technological fields are incorporating digital programming like Art and Cooking.

My desire with this professional learning inquiry is to investigate all the resources available for teachers so our learning communities can benefit from learning coding.

For more about myself and my teaching philosophy, please visit my portfolio:

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