Teaching and Learning about Growth Mindset – The Plan

In order to effectively learn more about growth mindset, I thought I should have a general plan though some of this has come more as part of a process. My primary source of information will be found through the purchase of Carol Dweck’s audio-book: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Listening to this audio-book on a regular basis and consulting different blog posts will help me to gain an understanding of growth mindsets as well as why they are important.

Screenshot of my Audible App listening to Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Further, exploration of blogs can help provide more concrete evidence of ways to apply and encourage students to practice growth mindsets. However, before I can begin to teach about it and have my students experience it, I must gain an understanding of what these mindsets entail first and foremost.

Once I have gained an understanding and listed different ways and strategies to share the learning with my students, I will need to develop and outline the vocabulary in French as I am teaching in a French-immersion classroom.

Many graphics to support this concept can be found on Pinterest which links out to different blogs, a couple of my favourites that I have taken a look at include: Mon cahier d’écolier  and Musings from the Middle School Classroom.