Class Dojo

Class Dojo is the American version of Fresh Grade. It builds community within the classroom while keeping parents and students involved. Each student recieves an avatar and all the avatars show up on the front homepage.Screen-Shot-2015-08-12-at-2.32

The little green bubbles on the upper right hand corner are points that student has earned. The teacher is able to create how students are able to collect points, as they can add and create buttons. You can choose to keep it all positive or have negative buttons as well so students can earn points or have them deducted. 6773479

The add your own button gives you the ability to create your own buttons that apply to your class. Examples could be, “Cleaned classroom”, “Is ready to learn”, “Helped a friend”, etc. You can give one individual student a point, or there is a option to give the whole class the points. These points are tracked all year which helps for writing report cards. You can go back in and see what that child did really well with all year, where they got the most points, and also, where that child struggled. Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 7.51.23 PM


The amazing part of Class Dojo is parents are very connected! Everytime you give a student a point or deduct points, their parent or parents get a notification sent right to their phone. Parents can send you a message on Class Dojo commenting on the reward or deduction. Parents can also send a message to ask about what happened, or even send a message to even say that student will be away tomorrow.

Class Dojo also gives you the opportunity to post photos, and similar to the point system, as soon as the photo is posted the parent or parents of the child or children within the photo are notified and are able to comment.

The only downfall of Class Dojo is you need to have every parent sold on using this app or it becomes a hassle. If one childs parents are on board, you have to ensure you do not post any photos of that child. You can still have that child on the site and give them an avatar and points but you have to be cautious about what is posted, etc.

My exploration of Class Dojo is on going but from talking to my sponsor teacher, other teachers at my school, and seeing it being used I do see it as a very beneficial tool to use within the classroom. It helps with classroom management, building community, parent communication, writing report cards, and much more!





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