Og Auction

Our class has been doing a novel study on The Secret World of Og, and as a fun way to wrap it up, we decided to have an “Og Auction”. This is where the students would bring in new or gently-used items that they no longer needed, and donate it to the class’ Og Auction. The more items donated, the more for the class to choose from come auction time! We had so many items donated! We held our Og Auction today (December 14).

This relates to a form of classroom management as the students “purchased” their items with “Og Dollars”. Og Dollars are slips of coloured paper with varying dollar amounts on them. Students who are on-task, do a good deed, have a good day, etc could receive one of these Og Dollars. It worked as a sort of rewards system; students wanted to collect as many Og Dollars as they could, so they were usually trying to stay on task incase we may be handing some out that day. It also worked where as soon as one person (usually someone who got straight down to business and were focused on their assignment) was granted an Og Dollar, the rest of the class would miraculously be on their best behaviour! Funny how that happens!

We made three different bill amounts: $2, $5, and $8. Even though only some students may have received them on one day, we always kept track of how much “money” each student had so it was for the most part equal when it came time for the Og Auction. We also made sure that we only handed out one $8 bill to each student, to keep things fair.

Today my sponsor teacher and I set up the classroom during recess when the students were outside. We organized the items on four different tables: we had a $2 section, a $5 section, a $10 section, and a $15 section. When the students came in, we had them sit in the centre of the room with their Og wallets, while we explained the rules and how the auction was to work. It was supposed to be a fun event; that it was okay if someone got an item that you were after. Students walked around the tables and picked what they wanted to spend their hard-earned Og Dollars on, and then took them to the banker (myself or my sponsor teacher) to hand in their money and get a shopping bag.

At the end of the auction, the students took a seat again in the centre of the room and we all had a class discussion on how they thought it went (what worked, what they may have changed, etc). They self-evaluated, which worked really well with this activity.

I can’t wait to do another activity like this in the future; it was a total success, and fun for everyone!



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