Classroom Management Tips

I came across a website called that states some good techniques for classroom management in the intermediate grades.

The top 5 strategies were:

*Use your voice

*Keep the lesson moving

*Publicly announce classroom management goals

*Collaborative or quad grouping

*Policy of the carrot and stick (rewards system)

Check out’s  Top 5 Strategies for Classroom Management for further details on these techniques!

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“Adult” Types of Projects and Lessons

One thing I found works really good for keeping intermediate grades focused/interested in their lessons is to make them seem sort of meant for “adults”. For example, create their own cheques/chequebooks when learning about financial literacy; going through an actual catalogue to “shop” and budget; allowing them to “buy” and design their dream houses, etc. It gives them a sense of responsibility and importance, as they are doing “real-world” activities, and they get to be creative and have fun with it at the same time!

They like to do more “adult” things, but still like to enjoy things like kids so you can actually have a lot of fun with planning lessons!

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