Dyslexia & Spelling

In this article I found an outline for teaching spelling to kids who have dyslexia. Here are a few points that stuck out to me:

  1. Lessons should be structured, have a progression and taught in sequence.
  2. Make sure the student has an understanding of phonological awareness.
  3. Get students to find patterns in words by dividing it up.
  4. New information isn’t always good. It can be a lot for a student to handle. Make sure the student has mastered one task before moving onto something new.
  5. Text-to-speech” programs can help dyslexic students so that they can follow the text while it is spoken aloud. Audio books are also good for students to hear the words while simultaneously reading.

                                                                 article: How Should Spelling Be Taught?


From this article I found that for students with dyslexia, things need to be broken down a lot in order for students to understand. It’s important that Teachers don’t rush them by introducing new concepts, rules and exceptions in English because it can be complicated. 

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