Nature Kindergarten in Sooke

This is a Ted Talk I watched about how a Nature Kindergarten program was set up in Sooke. Frances Krusekopf spoke about how she noticed children playing outdoors is getting less and less common these days in order to avoid discomfort and danger and because children are often distracted by electronics. However, playing outdoors offers much more space and possibilities. She spent four months in Germany where her son attended a Forest Kindergarten program, something that is traditional for the country. She was inspired by the program and wanted to bring something similar to BC. With the help of other collaborators she set up a program in Sooke at a school next to a forest and a lagoon, where the kindergarten students spend two and a half hours outside every morning. The students had gains in four areas compared to regular kindergarten programs. These areas were: locomotor skills, assertiveness, cooperation and self-control. There are now 20 similar program all over BC.

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