Big elephants can’t always understand small elephants

When we spell out a word, we usually sound it out right? Well in the case of some words like  “because”, it doesn’t really work. “Cause” can be spelled/sounded out as “Cos”, “Caws”  and in addition to that the last ‘e’ is silent! Spelfabet is a really cool memorization technique which uses sentences to help spell out words. If you haven’t realized it yet, the above sentence is the spelling of “because”.

Here are some activities, games, workbooks and even Free stuff related to Spelfabet that might be useful to you! Spelfabet.com

The article also highlighted some interesting points regarding spelling:

  • When looking for a job, 75% of employers would reconsider hiring someone due to bad spelling/ grammar.
  • Learners require teaching that includes manipulating phonemes, segmenting & blending, small group work to be successful. Feedback is also important.
  • Students who see word spelling learn the meanings easier.
  • Memorize sight words a few at a time. Also use the words in writing and using it correctly often.

I really like this strategy, especially for younger grades because I have noticed how well my K/1’s are at remembering ever movement and song lyric to Jolly Phonics. I think learning phrases to help them spell would be very beneficial and I would like to try this in my practicum class for sure.

image sourced by clker.com

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