Classroom Rules



One classroom management idea that i’ve heard from a few people is to make a set of “classroom rules” with your students. The trick is to make up the rules together with your class. This not only gives them responsibility, but allows everyone to discuss these rules together to determine what is fair. When students are a direct part of the process, it allows for easier comprehension. Students won’t just be listening to you explain the expectations, they will be direct participants: brainstorming and discussing!

You could do this on a white board, but I think it would even be more effective by doing it on a big piece of chart paper, where you can then laminate it and display it in your classroom so you and your class can always see it.

Doing this as a class really builds a sense of community and reinforces the power of collaboration. Coming up with a set of class rules is something I may try with my class during my practicum; I think it would work, and that my students would respond well to it!

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5 Quick Tips

I came across this site that recounts a teacher’s first few years of being an educator, and how they dealt with classroom management. They have some pretty good ideas, and it was also an enjoyable read.

They mentioned doing fun activities that are unique to your own class, which is a great idea. I also loved how they listed some examples from other teachers below to give us ideas.

Check out 5 Quick Tips for Secondary Classroom Management That Actually (I Promise You!) Work !

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