Post #3 Materials and Set up

When setting up a space to instruct guided reading sessions, you may want to do this in a spot where you can also keep an eye on the rest of the class.  A spot where you can easily scan and make sure students are on task and participating in the classroom rules and instructions.

The materials you will need are:

A Table and enough chairs: Ideally a table where you can easily support up to 5 students and have them work comfortably.

White Board and White board Markers:  Something to write on and show students the skill focus of the lesson. where you can demonstrate a gradual release model of the skill.

Enough copies of the book: Each student is going to quietly read the text to self. They are reading for comprehension and meanwhile working on the skill demonstrated.  Students will each need the book.

Formative Assessment Notebook/Files: While supporting students, you may want to make notes of student progress for next steps to further support their learning. Guided reading groups will often change as some students will struggle with different skills throughout the process. Guided Reading is a good opportunity to assess students for further learning.


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