Sharing Assessment with Parents

For my last post I just wanted to share a couple ways to share assessment with parents/guardians in effective ways!


Portfolios are a great way to keep student’s work in one organized place. The teacher in this video gives each student their own binder where their work goes. She regularly goes through the binders with students and asks them to point out their favourite piece of work and asks why. I think that if your students were also doing peer and self assessment in some kind of written format they (or you) could also easily glue the slip of paper onto the back of the work as well to have everything in an organize place. This teacher also takes pictures of students doing play-based learning which I think is very helpful because I find it difficult to think of ways to assess play-based learning, outdoor learning and inquiry that might not have a product to show.  Another great thing about  having work in one place like this is that it allows for you, parents and students to see growth from the beginning to the end easily. Parents can look through these books and see how their kids are doing and teachers can give examples of things they are excelling at or needing more work on in one, organized place.

Recording students:

This is something that I saw a lot of in my practicum classroom last year. My sponsor teacher would have a few questions that she wanted students to be able to answer at the end of a unit and we would interview them at the end video it on the iPads and upload them onto fresh grade. It worked really well and the students thought it was fun to make videos for their parents/guardians!

This strategy that I found while researching was similar to the interviews but I think it would work well for students a bit older than lower primary. Once students feel that they understand a topic they get a dry erase board, make up a lesson and then record themselves giving the lesson. This seems like an awesome way for students to show their learning in a fun way and as far as I can tell from the video they are pretty independent which saves a lot of time for the teacher (the interviewing took quite a bit of time for us to do). This video also fits in really nicely with my learning because students assess themselves by watching the videos and taking notes on what they could improve on! Teachers can assess students by watching these videos at any time and parents get to see evidence of their children learning.






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