LiD Activities!

Hi again! For this blog post post I would like to talk about activities you can do for LiD in your classroom!
Last year, my sponsor teacher had the students read a book about their LiD topic and make a LiD booklet about their LiD topic. The booklets had 4 pages. On the front cover, students had to put their name, topic, and draw a picture of their topic. The next page was the “L” page which was where they wrote something that they learned. The prompt was “I learned…” The next page was the “i” page which was where they wrote something interesting about their topic. The prompt was “Something interesting about my topic is…” The last page was the “D” page which was where the wrote a “did you know?” fact. The prompt was “Did you know…” The students completed these booklets over a few days and were able to share them with the class. It was an awesome way to see what they have learned so far.
Another thing my sponsor teacher did was a thing called “LiD-atine” on Valentine’s Day. The students were all sent home with a list of the topics in the class and were told that, if they wanted to, they could bring a picture from a magazine or the internet or an object that has to do with another student’s LiD topic and give it with their Valentine. This was not meant to be a huge thing, just if you had any magazines or pictures around the house you could bring it in. This is a fun and easy way to incorporate LiD into Valentine’s Day.This was the letter that was send home to the parents last year:
For one of the field trips my class took last year we went to the Vancouver Island Public Library on the city bus and the students were able to take out one or two books about their topics to take home. The teacher arranged for students to all have library cards ahead of time (if they didn’t already have one). The teacher also called the library ahead of time and asked that they set out some books on all the topics for the students to look through.
My sponsor teacher also had the students take home a worksheet over Spring Break which asked the students to draw a picture of their topic, find a joke that has to do with your topic (e.g. if your topic is mushrooms you could say “Why does the mushroom have so much fun at parties? Because he is a fungi!), and write one fact about your LiD topic. Then at lunch time throughout the week the students shared their learning with the class.
At the end of the year, students made a diorama about their LiD topic and had a LiD presentation day where parents/guardians or other teachers could drop in and see all of there presentations on display. This is an awesome end of the year showcase of learning. The students were able to show off their handwork and let others know more about their LiD topic! This was the cover of the brochure we got when we went to the celebration!
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