Technology within PE

Technology as a companion  or as an aid within the classroom is an obvious jump. As mentioned in my other posts, programs that offer dictation or alternatives to a traditional classroom. But using technology and Ipads within Gym?

There are many programs designed both for students and for teachers to help regulate and develop skill and resilience within the students. Programs such as CoachesEye, can be used to film and demonstrate to the student their actions. Similar to professionals who re-watch their own games. This model can be done as well without the program and just using the camera within the device. Allowing students to visually see themselves and how they move can offer the skills of self correction as well as awareness of their body in the next set.

Programs such as Camtasia, Sworkit, and Coaches Note allow for either students, teachers or both to film or model lessons, skills, routines or other physical development goals, allowing them to be taken outside the classroom. Perfect for students who are absent quite often, who require additional aid for  askill or for differentiating within the classroom. These apps foster community and independence within the students as they take charge of their own physical skill goals.

Otherwise, there are much more mainstream technology to encourage fitness, such as incorporating games like Dance Dance Revolution as a class, a quick few minutes of high intensity cardio can be done anywhere in the classroom with the patterns shown on the projector. Schools can also invest in a set of cardiograph monitors such as fitbits and oxygen monitors to help older students visibly see their heart and VO2 intake and how that is regulated within their body.

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