Logging in

The Pro-D that I attended taught us first about the art of logging in. At my practicum school, every teacher was recently set up with an account which is managed through their SD68 login, although it still proved difficult for some, so I figure I’ll outline what I learned in case you are just starting out.
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Hopefully you’re not lost yet!

So if you’re anything like me, you’re probably wanting to dig deep into this website and figure out what it’s all about – without paying for a trial or full version. You really just want free stuff. Thankfully for you- FreshGrade has a FREE option (yes, you heard me right).

The only thing you need to start is to click “SIGN UP” , as pictured above.


Next, you’ll be sent to a sign up page. You’ll need to enter your e-mail address of choice into the top box, followed by a password in the bottom box.  You’ll get an e-mail to verify your account shortly after. click on the “Create Free Account” to move onto the next step. Ignore the bottom bit that asks if you are looking for parent or student access. This is mainly for people who already have accounts set up by a teacher. 🙂




Ok, now it’s getting real! You’re on your way to being the best FreshGrade Pro out there. (Second to me , of course)

Add in your name, name of your class, and grades in your “class”. No need to overthink, just write in whatever you want. Heck, I named mine “Ms.Holcomb’s Dancing Monkeys”.


Okay. This next part we are going to skip, by pressing “Not Now”. The reason we are skipping is because we are not going to connect to a school. Unfortunately, “Ms.Holcomb’s Dancing Monkeys” is not actually a real thing, and if it were, I’m sure that most school’s wouldn’t want to be connected to something like that.  Moving on..


You did it! Click on “Set up Student List” to move on..


This is where your class list would show up if you were signed up through your school if you were a staff member. At the Pro-D I attended, when teachers first logged on with their SD68 accounts, all of this information was added in for them. You can explore this section yourself, by adding in a First, Last, and Grade for a made up student of your choice. For a multitude of names, you have the option to past a list of student names (to save from typing in each name individually if you were to set up your own class.



One important note about FreshGrade, is that the blue “FreshGrade” button at the top left corner essentially takes you back to your “Home Screen” (called “Dashboard” on the site). Click on this to take you back to the home screen when you’ve been in other tabs.


Great job!

I hope this virtual high-five encourages you to come back for more! Next time, I’ll start to explore the different tabs with you! Feel free to comment and ask questions as you please! See you next time 🙂

FreshGrade as an Inquiry

Hi everyone!
For my inquiry project I struggled to figure out what it was the I truly wanted to learn about and become invested in. On October 6th, My practicum school was hosting a Pro-D with it’s focus on FreshGrade. Suddenly I knew that this was something I would love to continue learning about, so I took down as many notes as I could, and continue to seek out new information. In my blog, I am going to enlighten you on how FreshGrade can be a welcomed tool, even though it seems daunting at first. Learn with me, and hopefully you can take something with you from my project! Click here to see what I’m talking about!