The Effects of Assessment

The main effects of assessment are on student learning and teaching. This article I found written by Shihab Jimaa, explains how assessment effects both student learning and teaching and gives advice on how to better the assessment process in order to improve in each area.

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Why is assessment important?

Assessment is an important step in a student’s learning process. It determines whether or not a student has met the learning intentions. Learning intentions are what the student needs to know/learn by the end of a lesson, unit or year. If the student has not met the learning intentions, it can also help the teacher understand where that student is struggling and make differentiation in their lessons to help meet that student’s needs. Assessment is crucial when it comes to determining student’s grades, abilities, different learning needs, advancement within the curriculum, support and funding.

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Why I chose to research assessment?

I chose to further my knowledge in the important topic of assessment.  Assessment is an essential part of a student’s learning process where the teacher and student can gage insight into what and how the student is learning.  I would like to explore various ways of assessing my students that allows them to have input and ownership into this process.



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