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Inquiry Through Play (in a primary setting) has been a year and a half investigation and professional development project that started with the viewing of Most Likely To Succeed.  This documentary left me in awe! The dedication, creativity and curiosity that both staff and students projected was inspiring and exciting. Most Likely To Succeed also got me thinking…What does inquiry look like in a primary setting? This site documents my learning journey in answering this question.

Make sure to check out Most Likely to Succeed!

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Defining Inquiry

Inquiry :

[in-kwahyuh r-ee, in-kwuh-ree]

nounplural inquiries.
1.a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge.
as defined by
This photo was taken during an absolute down pour, what ‘wonders’ or questions are these children developing and solving while playing? Is their inquiry supporting their play? Or is their play supporting their inquiry?

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