Student Stress in the Classroom

Hey all,

I have shared my interest in stress in the classroom and I feel that the website below clearly shows different forms of stress students have in the classroom. One thing I really liked about this link was that it did not just talk about students stressing about stress because of the classroom (grades and homework). It also incorporates family stress and stress due to media and environmental dangers. This is important to see as educators because not all students will worry about the same thing. We need to be aware of this because we want to be able to support the students and give them the ability to do their best knowing someone is there to listen and talk to them.


Another thing I found very interesting was their explanation of the different types of stress.

  • “Positive stress response – is considered as a normal part of healthy development
  • Tolerable stress response – activates the body’s alert systems to a greater degree as a result of more severe, longer-lasting stressors
  • Toxic stress response – can occur when a child experiences strong and/or prolonged multiples stressful events without adequate adult support. It can disrupt early brain development and lead to many health problems.”

This is important to see because when I thought of stress I thought of the negative side and never thought about it being positive.

Can’t wait to hear what you all think about this article!


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Welcome Folks!

Hello All!

Welcome to my first ever blog. In this blog I will be searching and sharing about stress in the classroom throughout both teacher and student aspects. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


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