“Get On Board”

During my time at my practicum school, I have developed great relationships with my students, as well as some of my coworkers, especially with my Vice principal (soon to be principal) because of our mutual love for surfing. Him and I have been talking and collaborating ideas of how to involve students in the surf community to help youth build greater self-esteem, and a sense of community throughout the school.

My original inquiry project was focusing on girls, and empowering them in confidence and self-esteem, but I feel as though I could take this further and develop this confidence in all students, in all youth.

I have been reading this website/ movement created in Ahousaht called “Get On Board” and this is their summary of what their mission statement is all about:

Get on Board – Empowering youth one board at a time

“Get on Board is a registered non-profit organization which uses board sports-surf/skate/snow to develop social skills, self confidence and goal setting in youth. The very nature of board sports: physicality, creativity, courage, and self discipline help youth develop life skills.
To improve as a boarder you will fall many times. As in life when you fall you have to get back up. The resilience you learn in developing skills as encouraged by our mentors will help you gain the confidence and self esteem you need to overcome many obstacles.
Get on Board helps youth connect to their schools and community through provision of organized teaching/learning programs, advocacy and outreach.”


I love this idea of using surfing as a way to encourage physicality, creativity, courage and self discipline in youth to help them develop life skills, and is something I look forward to collaborating my ideas for this with my vice principal too!


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First blog post

For my first blog, I wanted to post a video to capture my idea and my passion for this inquiry project. My goal is to develop a greater understanding of how to empower young women in schools, to build their confidence, and to educate them on powerful women in history.


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