Where to Next?

Developing and implementing a growth mindset approach in your classroom community requires patience, understanding, consistency and determination.

At this point in our journey, I feel we have lost our momentum due to my missing some practicum and not continuing to talk about growth mindset following our initial challenge and practice with it, however, I notice my students adopting this mindset regularly through the successful learner traits we use from School District #71 to support the learning in our school and classroom community.

Implemented by School District #71, retrieved from successfullearners.ca

I believe a great way to continue our learning would be to continue speaking and sharing about growth mindset. Subtle ways to work on growth and fixed mindset is to continue reinforcing and re-iterating the vocabulary to students where opportunities arise. For example, when a student says, “I can do it” or “I will work hard”, this is an opportunity to give some positive reinforcement as to the self-talk they are choosing before attempting a challenging task.

Further, when you or your students engage in fixed mindset, challenge yourself to re-frame and rephrase your statement to portray a growth mindset.

Below I will link a few resources that I have found to further support the growth mindset learning in your classroom. Class Dojo has many videos on growth mindset as well as Khan Academy.

A video from Khan Academy that I used following our growth mindset lesson is “You Can Learn Anything“. If you use Class Dojo in your classroom, there is a “Big Ideas” series to support social and emotional learning. Specifically pertaining to Growth Mindset, there is a series on the topic that can be found here.

If you have found useful resources on the topic, please feel free to share them below! My next challenge is to find more on the topic in French!