Post #1 What is Guided Reading?

Guided Reading is a small group session (3-5 students) that is lead by the teacher. These small lessons allow students to get more support on their specific needs for reading development. Students are grouped with other students who are currently at the same reading level and have similar reading behaviours. Guided reading allows the teacher to help students focus on a goal (reading strategy), practice reading for meaning (fluency and comprehension), and learning to problem solve, all by getting more support from the teacher and working/having discussions with their group. Guided reading sessions only last for about 20 mins and at minimum be scheduled once a week. The ultimate goal of guided reading is to build independent readers. 

by Clicking the Link Below, It will take you to a guided reading video of what a session generally would look like and unravel.

Video of Guided Reading

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  1. I enjoyed learning about guided reading. I think it is a great method for students to develop their reading skills. Having other students in the group that are at the same reading level, I feel will make the students more comfortable. This also allows the teacher more insight into where the students are at with comprehension level and fluency. It also lets the teacher know what the next steps should be to help the students succeed. I look forward to reading more about how to set it up in the classroom.

  2. I really like that you started this topic by introducing what guided reading is. Especially for the people who have not experienced it in a classroom setting already, it is very helpful. I have seen guided reading in my class last year and found it to be very helpful and an effective tool to make students more comfortable with their reading strategies. It is also very helpful to have them in groups with other students who have the same needs as them because usually it is not the people they hangout with everyday. Thus expanding the students they hangout with. Also, like Breanna said it really helps the teacher learn about what the next steps to help the students reach their full potential. I can not wait to see what else you will be sharing on this topic.

  3. I love the concept of guided reading. Grouping students by reading level, in my opinion, can be very beneficial for confidence in reading. Students will never be at exactly the same level, so there may be students in a group that can help their fellow classmates when they’re stuck on a word or need help tracking, and I’ve found that corrections by a classmate rather than a teacher can sometimes be easier for students to accept. I got to experience leading guided-reading sessions in my practicum class a couple years ago, and was surprised at how independent and responsible some students were. I’m looking forward to learning more – thanks for sharing!

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