Post #4 A Step by Step Guide

Before Reading

Teacher Will:

  • Introduce text ( sell it)
  • Introduce skill focus
  • Walk through gradual release model ( I do, we do, you do).
  • Picture walk with student
  • Read fro a purpose-state a question of what you want your students to look for while reading ( i.e. Why was the princess sad?, or What happened to the fish?, Who is the protagonists?”  etc) – suitable for reader level.

Student Will:

  • Examine Text
  • Listen to the skill focus lesson-ask questions if needed
  • participate in gradual release model
  • Predict/share ideas in picture walk

During Reading   

Teacher will:

  • Listen to individual students as they read. Make formative assessment notes and gather information that will help in further learning and guided reading sessions.
  • Help students when they are very stuck. Remind them of strategies learned to problem solve and De-code text.

Student will:

  • Read text quietly to self (Whisper Voice).
  • Read for purpose. Find the answer to the question stated at the beginning.
  • use strategies learned during mini lessons to help problem-solve and de-code text.

After Reading

Teacher Will: 

  • Prompt students with questions that contribute to a guided conversation about the story.
  • Try asking certain students questions about specific details, and inferencing of the text.
  • Make observational/ formative assessment notes.

Students will: 

  • Participate in conversation of the text.
  • Retell parts if the story.
  • Ask questions to rest of group to spark a conversation or clarify your own understanding.

– ** Guided reading is extra support for all students to help develop their individual skills. Benefits of guided reading shine when students feel engaged and have a positive attitude towards working collaborative, helping others in their group, and being open to learning from others in the group, Including the teacher.  Teaching conversation skills and positive language will make the comprehension conversation at the end so much more rich**.

4 Replies to “Post #4 A Step by Step Guide”

  1. Awesome post! I really like that you made it in a lesson plan format where you alternate what the students do and the teacher does at each point of the guided reading. It is a good way too see the overall look at what you need to do. This is a good way to close off your four posts.

  2. I love the connections you made back towards your older posts, such as de-coding and how ongoing assessment as a monitoring tool! It would be really interesting to see this model used in Grade 6/7 or older, since having the teacher reading or that modelling may not be as much as focus as perhaps the post reading conversation. Great breakdown into a lesson plan format!

  3. Awesome post, Emily! I really like how you did a step-by-step guide, it really helps to see it broken down into steps. I also like how you did it in a “teacher will” and “student will” format because it is so easy to see this in use in the classroom this way. I also like how you ended it with what guided reading is and its benefits as a reminder! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great article! I appreciate how you laid it out in an “easy to follow” style that also related to our lesson plan format. Thanks for the informative read.

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