Vancouver Island Crisis Line

Currently I am undergoing training to work on the crisis line, and am in the second phase of my training, taking supervised phone calls. Prior to this, twice a week for a few months, myself and nine other volunteers met for three hours to learn about various topics. Just a few of the learned topics were mental illness, suicide and child abuse.  We have also learned a myriad of resources throughout the island to give to callers.  A part of the first phase of my training was to take observation shifts, where I practiced listening to phone calls and entering information into a database.  This is an exciting job for me to have, as I have always appreciated the availability of crisis services for those in need.

Rotaract and Interact (Rotary)

In high school I had participated in Interact in my grade eleven year, helping to fundraise for different events like the 30 Hour Famine, where students were educated on food insecurity.  In grade twelve I applied and was selected to be a part of the executive team.  When I first came to VIU, I thought it only made sense to continue my journey with Rotary.  In the Rotary community, I have found a group of like minded people who are serious about being involved in their school and local community.  I look forward to continuing to be a part of this group.