Being a learner means preparing myself to go on the career journey I best see fit.  I do this by exploring academically, and trying to learn with an open mind.  Having an open mind means not being closed off to different possibilities.  I may have a specific idea of where I want to go and who I want to be, but I try to keep an open mind to all the possibilities of what I can do in the world.  I explore different options by talking to other people that have more experience than me.  Not only talking to people I am comfortable with, but a variety of people with different approaches.  From hearing other people, I have learned to not allow others to dictate what I will do with my life or who I will become, because only I write my journey.

The work I plan to go into is very important to me, and I want to learn how to help people as well as possible.  I have always desired to have a career where I am working with people in vulnerable situations.  I feel that I can best do this by going to school and listening to different perspectives.  I want to learn so that I can have as deep of an understanding as possible about people and their situations, and understand them from a variety of different angles.  For instance, in psychology I learn about how the brain processes difficult emotions and trauma for instance.  This helps me to better understand people.

How to live the most fitting and fulfilling life possible, how to improve my life and the lives of others.

Learning makes me feel excited if it’s something I’m passionate about.  I feel highly motivated to complete work when it is in my area of interest or discipline.  One way that I know I am excited about something is if I spend my spare time learning about it.  It is not a burden in the slightest but fulfilling for me.  When I am not necessarily passionate about something, I think of it as an opportunity to become more well-rounded and educated, but most of all to grow.  To stretch and challenge myself.  Growing is very important to me and is something that I try to purposely do.  I often won’t feel up to it, but once I begin it is often an exciting journey of self-betterment for me.

The best learning experience I have had was a conference called Landmark.  It is a 3 day expereince, as well as an ongoing weekly seminar which I attended.  I was taught fundamental concepts I can apply to my life such as integrity, and I was asked to dig deep into where I desire change in my life.  A part of this process was reflecting on what scares me.  One of my biggest fears was public speaking, and the perceived judgement of other people.  One element of the conference is how we are encouraged to speak onstage about our experience.  Initially I did not do this out of fear, simply due to past experiences I may have had.  From this reflection, I learned that frankly I have cared too much about what other people think of me.  This has caused me to allow others to hold power over me.  This seminar was the beginning of me taking a bigger stand for myself.  Learning to adopt full integrity into my life was also an incredibly empowering experience.  Staying true to my word and being a trustworthy person is important to me. Though I do not believe in perfection by any standard, integrity of self is something I strive for.