This page includes some assignments that I have completed since coming to VIU. They are assignments that I feel are of significance, where I was able to grow and learn.

INTR 150 Pecha Kucha assignment

University Essentials (INTR 150) is a course I took in my first year where I learned how to be successful in a university setting.  One of the last assignments I was given in the course was to learn about one university resource and all it has to offer.  I chose the counselling department at VIU, as counselling is one of my areas of interest.  I got to meet and interview one of the counsellors, where they explained to me the process of getting set up with a counsellor, and some reasons why students may come to see a counsellor.  They even gave their insight into what might hold students back from seeing a counsellor.  Lastly, though it was required as a part of my assignment, I met with the counsellor for my own counselling session.  I thought that this would give me the best perspective to complete my assignment.  It was also certainly beneficial in terms of exposure for me desired career.  After this process of interviews and learning, I put together a kind of power point presentation called a “Peach Kucha,” which I presented to the class.

INTR 150 Literature Review

Another assignment that I completed in University Essentials was the research, composition, and presentation of a literature review.  I had never written this kind of paper before, so it was a great learning experience for me.  The topic that was given to me was “students and food,” which in itself is a very open ended topic.  I chose to focus specifically on student food banks.  In addition to conducting my own research, I was assigned to a small group, where we collaborated our essays into one.  The process of writing the literature review was frustrating at times, as it can be very different from how one may have been taught to write.  However, I felt encouraged to push my limits and to grow in my research and writing skills.