This initial workshop in the series already has me hooked. It was my first introduction to the idea of The Non-Disposable Assignment. My early impression is of the benefits to students, as well the credibility it would yield the instructor, a win for both students and faculty.

For me, the non-disposable assignment as a concept has me swirling in ideas. One, in particular, although not within a classroom environment, would be of possibility designing a piece of work I might use for my doctoral Creative Action Plan Project (CAP). This approach could work because some of the criteria for the CAP are: adds value, has a purpose. The bonus might be the real takeaway format (non-disposable) for the participants in my project, yes, it could be brilliant.

Hmmm, lots to think through, I can’t wait for the next session of, The Non-Disposable Assignment.

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash

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