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As I ponder my dissertation topic, The Soul of Higher Education (I reserve the right to change my question) as it relates to one’s Vocation, within the context of the Non-Disposable Assignment workshop, I wonder, will the topic of the Soul, freak folks out? In our last session, my colleague gently commented on the broadness of my subject. Agreed. I think it’s important to consider this helpful insight within the non-disposable assignment work…and so I am away in my mind and combing through the literature while I think about the how, how to have my participants dip their toes into the pond of the topic, the soul.

For my homework purposes, I am going to imagine the following:
1. Participants impression of both topic and non-disposable assignment
2. What participants may be nervous about
3. What participants may be excited about

I imagine the idea of exploring the soul as it relates to the individual within higher education will at minimum intrigue. Participants first impressions will be that of openness and want to explore and contribute to the assignment in a way which creates meaning for them.

My participants may feel timid at the vulnerability this assignment could provoke. But they will be interested and committed to exploring and sharing as much or as little as they are comfortable.

The participants will be excited at what they discover about themselves. The non-disposable assignment will provide a takeaway which has application in their lives: educational and work pursuits, other areas.

What will participant’s discernment imply, to the assignment and my dissertation topic? Whatever it is, I trust it will be rich, and I will surely learn alongside them.


Hmm, I need to talk out what I can do within a frame that is practical for the assignment, participants and me…Michael, are you out there?

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