I had a thought as I was falling asleep last night. Why not make a textbook! Blogs, Wiki’s and other sites are useful, but why not make a textbook that students can take with them? I have a Pressbooks account through BC Campus, and that platform interacts well with WordPress. I think it might just work! Lots of work to do on the prep and assessment front, but I am excited about the direction this is going.

Pressbooks is an open source book editing platform. Pressbooks.org

On to my post for this week though. I’m going to literally copy Micki’s questions:

1. Participants impression of both topic and non-disposable assignment
2. What participants may be nervous about
3. What participants may be excited about

I have spoken to some students about my thoughts on the non-disposable assignment, and the few I spoke to were generally enthusiastic about the idea. They said that having the control to dive deeply into a few topics of their choice is really exciting. I know that not everyone will be this excited and (I think) I am prepared to deal with that.

For a student coming into a class that will not be what they are use to, is  a difficult and scary proposition, and will make them nervous. Many of the students taking this class are extremely grade conscious, because they will be preparing to apply to occupational or physical therapy schools, and “good” grades are necessary. In their minds, a project like this might threaten their GPA, and therefore it is bad. I understand this, and will do my best to reassure them that they will learn so much more deeply this way, and their grade will not be negatively affected if they put the work in.

What participants are excited about is the opportunity to choose what they are learning. Having an interest in the material makes it way easier to put in the necessary work. I think that framing the course as a project to build a textbook will really excite students. Having their name on it as a contributor, and getting a copy of it at the end is, I think, really cool.

Photo by Dmitri Popov on Unsplash

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