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Today’s Non-Disposable class was inspirational, and I for one had several Aah moments. One of those arose from a discussion around the number of folks in this learning session; there are four of us.

The inspiration came to me as we talked about small group dynamics, and then it occurred to me the number four when placed within an Indigenous frame creates a balance. The four directions as I know them are Spirit, Body, Mind, and Heart. For now, our projects fall clearly to me within the four parts of humanity:

Louie: Mind
Fiona: Spirit
Jeannette: Body
Me: Soul (Heart)

If you believe as I do, things happen for a reason, the people who are meant to show up, do, and so on, then you might agree this group of four dynamic people in the Non-Disposable class are intended to be together.

We are encouraged by our teacher, Michael to post our thoughts and processes as we move towards the creation and delivery of our projects. This wee post of mine is helpful to my reflective practice, and its message is: excellent class today, more ideas from my colleagues and teachers to think about, for instance, Louie’s about the creation of a book created by the participants/students hmmm.

We each are in and out of the “mud” as Liesel suggested thinking, dreaming, trying on our projects becoming clear only to become unclear.

We are learning through playing in the mud in our Non-Disposable Assignment class, pretty neat stuff!

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash


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