Hello, colleagues in the Non-Disposable course.

It seems aeons since we were in our last class together so thought I’d post a brief update on my progress.

Yesterday I met with Michael, and we talked possibility. Great conversation and as always, Micheal was supportive and helpful.

The direction I have decided to head towards, knowing full well, things will change and indeed evolve, is to create a website for my project: The Soul Project. 

Although I have shared what my non-disposable assignment is with our group, I will provide a refresh for context. As part of my doctoral work, I am required to complete a Creative Action Project (CAP). Some of the criteria are, “The CAP is about making a difference in the issues that most matter to the student (me!), and takes place within a framework of the student’s emerging competencies as a leader.” Now, how cool is that?!

So, I have decided to place my energy on something which matters a great deal to me, the soul in higher education. As well, as a leader, I believe when I participate and engage with my colleagues in the sandbox of work, the CIEL and all of you in this course with me, it enhances my leadership capacities. More importantly, to me, hopefully, adds value to the fantastic work each you are doing. My belief is, together we make a difference.

In the VIULearn site, I will create a WordPress (WP) site to contain my project. Included on the site will be:

  1. Introduction of The Soul Project;
  2. Instructions on how to participate;
  3. Participants invited are directed to WordPress site;
  4. The ethics review progress and consents will sit in the WP site;
  5. Participants Digital StoryBoards will be held in WPsite;
  6. Other TB developed and imagined!

That’s it, that’s all I’ve got for an update. I am offering a gentle nudge to each of you in the Non-Disposable Assignment course to post an update as well; I am keen to read about your progress. Micki

PS Feedback on my project welcome!

PSS Having difficulty uploading images…can you assist please MP?

Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash

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