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It is with great pleasure on the eve of my grandson’s fifth birthday, to invite you to participate in The Soul Project: Evoking an Ensouled Life.
One of the requirements in the Ed.D Leadership and Social Transformation Doctorate with Meridian University, California, for which I am a student, is to complete a Creative Action Project (CAP). My CAP based on the work of C.G. Jung, Dr. James Hillman, and Thomas Moore who came before me and whose life’s work I have benefited greatly.  Others have significantly contributed through their teaching, encouragement and knowledge on the topic of the soul particularly Dr. Jean Houston, Peggy Rubin, Dr. Aftab Omer, Dr. Melissa Schwartz and Laurence Hillman. It cannot go without saying my family and friends (cohort), are the source of my inspiration and have unquestionably supported me throughout the creation of this project. I believe this project is part of my soul’s work.
This project is part of the Non-Disposable Assignment Workshop. Many thanks to Michael Paskevicus Ph. D. Candidate (UVIC) and Dr. Liesel Knaack for the workshop, support and guidance on this project.
This email is an invitation to partake in The Soul Project: Evoking an Ensouled Life. If you are intrigued and interested in participating in this project, go to for the full description of the CAP and how to participate.
*If you know someone (young, ageing or in-between) who you feel would benefit or like to participate in this project, please feel free to pass on the link*
With appreciation, Micki McCartney
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