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Micki has worked at Vancouver Island University since 2006. She has held positions as a Cooperative Education Faculty, Interim Regional Campus Manager (Powell River) and is currently co-creating and advancing the work of a joint initiative between the Business Council of British Columbia, and British Columbia Assembly of First Nations, and Vancouver Island University, the Indigenous Intern Leadership Program.

Invitation to Participate –The Soul Project: Evoking an Ensouled Life

It is with great pleasure on the eve of my grandson’s fifth birthday, to invite you to participate in The Soul Project: Evoking an Ensouled Life. One of the requirements in the Ed.D Leadership and Social Transformation Doctorate with Meridian University,… Continue Reading →

The Non-Disposable Saga Continues

Hello, colleagues in the Non-Disposable course. It seems aeons since we were in our last class together so thought I’d post a brief update on my progress. Yesterday I met with Michael, and we talked possibility. Great conversation and as… Continue Reading →

The Aah’s Were Flowing Today!

Today’s Non-Disposable class was inspirational, and I for one had several Aah moments. One of those arose from a discussion around the number of folks in this learning session; there are four of us. The inspiration came to me as… Continue Reading →

Participants, what will your discernment imply?

As I ponder my dissertation topic, The Soul of Higher Education (I reserve the right to change my question) as it relates to one’s Vocation, within the context of the Non-Disposable Assignment workshop, I wonder, will the topic of the… Continue Reading →

If I had a nickel for every student assignment that was never picked up, I’d be a wealthy woman!

This initial workshop in the series already has me hooked. It was my first introduction to the idea of The Non-Disposable Assignment. My early impression is of the benefits to students, as well the credibility it would yield the instructor,… Continue Reading →

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