The Non-Disposable Assignment: Enhancing Personalised Learning


Micki McCartney

Invitation to Participate –The Soul Project: Evoking an Ensouled Life

It is with great pleasure on the eve of my grandson’s fifth birthday, to invite you to participate in The Soul Project: Evoking an Ensouled Life. One of the requirements in the Ed.D Leadership and Social Transformation Doctorate with Meridian University,… Continue Reading →

The Non-Disposable Saga Continues

Hello, colleagues in the Non-Disposable course. It seems aeons since we were in our last class together so thought I’d post a brief update on my progress. Yesterday I met with Michael, and we talked possibility. Great conversation and as… Continue Reading →

The Aah’s Were Flowing Today!

Today’s Non-Disposable class was inspirational, and I for one had several Aah moments. One of those arose from a discussion around the number of folks in this learning session; there are four of us. The inspiration came to me as… Continue Reading →

Participants, what will your discernment imply?

As I ponder my dissertation topic, The Soul of Higher Education (I reserve the right to change my question) as it relates to one’s Vocation, within the context of the Non-Disposable Assignment workshop, I wonder, will the topic of the… Continue Reading →

If I had a nickel for every student assignment that was never picked up, I’d be a wealthy woman!

This initial workshop in the series already has me hooked. It was my first introduction to the idea of The Non-Disposable Assignment. My early impression is of the benefits to students, as well the credibility it would yield the instructor,… Continue Reading →

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