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Case studies of faculty reflecting on the process of designing more personalised and open learning in their classes. We hope to grow this collection, so if you have a story to share please let us know.

The Spoken Letters Project: Developing Digital Stories to Commemorate Residential School Survivors

Fiona Meyers Cook shares the development of the “Spoken Letters” assignment, an inquiry driven project designed to help students reflect on residential school legacies and show solidarity and support for residential school survivors. Students prepared digital stories in response to survivors’ stories presented on… Continue Reading →

Why Stop at an Assignment? Engaging Students with Collaboratively Creating an Open Online Textbook

Louis Mattar from Sport, Health & Physical Education department shares his non-disposable course design. Louis tasked his students with collaboratively creating an online and openly accessible human anatomy textbook. You can access the textbook on the BCcampus pressbooks website:  

The Soul Project: Developing Research in the Open

Micki McCartney from the Centre for Experiential Learning explains how she changed her practice after participating in last year’s non-disposable assignment redesign.

Engaging Students as Editors of an Undergraduate Journal

David Livingstone from Liberal Studies describe the Compass Rose Undergraduate Journal project which is curated by a student directed editorial board.

Engaging Students in Peer Review and Collaborative Writing Assignments

Doug Corrin from Forestry explains how he uses wikis to support peer review and collaborative writing in his course.

Engaging Students in a Collective Writing Assignment

Eric Demers from Biology shares his design of a collective writing project on ornithology. Students were tasked with individually writing about a local bird species and those articles were collated to form an open access collection.

Fostering a Network of Open Student Reflections

Jackie Kelly from Art and Design shares how she designed an assignment which required students to individually and openly reflect on their learning, then aggregate the collective reflections onto a parent site.

Engaging Students with Video Projects for Professional Development

Corey Takahashi, who teaches in the communications department at Syracuse University in New York, asked students to create “bio videos”.

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