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Invitation to Participate –The Soul Project: Evoking an Ensouled Life

It is with great pleasure on the eve of my grandson’s fifth birthday, to invite you to participate in The Soul Project: Evoking an Ensouled Life. One of the requirements in the Ed.D Leadership and Social Transformation Doctorate with Meridian University,… Continue Reading →

The Non-Disposable Saga Continues

Hello, colleagues in the Non-Disposable course. It seems aeons since we were in our last class together so thought I’d post a brief update on my progress. Yesterday I met with Michael, and we talked possibility. Great conversation and as… Continue Reading →

The Aah’s Were Flowing Today!

Today’s Non-Disposable class was inspirational, and I for one had several Aah moments. One of those arose from a discussion around the number of folks in this learning session; there are four of us. The inspiration came to me as… Continue Reading →

The value of the Design Checklist

NON-DISPOSABLE ASSIGNMENT DESIGN CHECKLIST After the last session, I was quite motivated to go and do some planning around my potential non-disposable assignment…. Which I only plan to utilize in the fall of 2018. I was struck by the importance… Continue Reading →

Resources and Feedback from our Second Session

At the end or our previous session of The Non-Disposable Assignment: Enhancing Personalised Learning course redesign workshop, we asked participants to return with some ideas about what assignment they had identified for redesigning in their course. Before we started I… Continue Reading →

Lets Build a Textbook!!

I had a thought as I was falling asleep last night. Why not make a textbook! Blogs, Wiki’s and other sites are useful, but why not make a textbook that students can take with them? I have a Pressbooks account… Continue Reading →

Digital Storytelling as an Approach to Non-Disposable Assignments

As promised I have collated some resources on digital storytelling which could be a method for engaging students in non-disposable assignments. Digital storytelling is a form of digital media production that allows individuals to tell a story with video. These… Continue Reading →

Participants, what will your discernment imply?

As I ponder my dissertation topic, The Soul of Higher Education (I reserve the right to change my question) as it relates to one’s Vocation, within the context of the Non-Disposable Assignment workshop, I wonder, will the topic of the… Continue Reading →

Resources and Feedback from our First Session

In our first session participants were asked to reflect on their own experience in school. We asked: what makes an assignment memorable, meaningful, and important? Participants recalled assignments which were interest-driven and inquiry led. Also mentioned were those activities which… Continue Reading →

Student Perspective on Wiki Assignment

Last spring I gave the students a questionnaire to get feedback on their experience with the wiki assignment.  Here are the results. Frequent comments: liked being able to work on multiple topics, not just one workload was distributed (over 4… Continue Reading →

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