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A Model for Guiding Reflective Practice

This article is a distillation of an article titled, “By the light of the Tao” article by Humphrey (2009). I think she does a lovely job of articulating the challenges to meaningful reflection in relation to experiential learning. I am… Continue Reading →

Open Pedagogy…You Can’t Do That in a STEM course!

Karen Cangialosi argues for open pedagogies in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects, addressing the beliefs that these approaches may not be appropriate for the hard sciences. When I was a biology undergraduate years ago, nearly all of… Continue Reading →

Designing for Difficulty: Social Pedagogies as a Framework for Course Design by Randy Bass and Heidi Elmendorf

The rise of Web-based participatory culture, social media, and networked information has put the realm of the “social” at the centre of what it means to share and build knowledge in our culture. Yet, we have only begun to understand… Continue Reading →

Design Attributes of Open Pedagogy by Bronwyn Hegarty

In this article, the author establishes a rationale for the term open pedagogy, and, using current research, presents eight attributes of open pedagogy grounded in the concept of openness and Open Educational Practice (OEP). Participatory technologies present many challenges for educators, who may not know… Continue Reading →

Student voice: What An Open Pedagogy Class Taught Me About Myself by Miranda Dean

Before taking Evolution and Human Behavior BIO302 you could say that I was pretty ‘disconnected’. I had never heard of Open Pedagogy; in fact, I had never taken any sort of online course and the majority of my professors steered… Continue Reading →

Killing the Disposable Assignment by David Wiley

If you’ve heard me speak in the last several months, you’ve probably heard me rail against “disposable assignments.” These are assignments that students complain about doing and faculty complain about grading. They’re assignments that add no value to the world… Continue Reading →

Towards an Open Pedagogy for Online Learning by Tony Bates

Developing the knowledge and skills needed in the 21st century Again I have written extensively about this (see Chapter 1 of Teaching in a Digital Age), but in essence we need to focus specifically on developing core ‘soft’ or ‘intellectual’ skills… Continue Reading →

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