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finch’s GamePlay Blog: Academic Methodology

GamePlay Blog – Academic Methodology
September 18th 2017

The academic methodology I’ve developed focuses mostly on the community aspect of gaming. I’ll be paying close attention to basic statistics as well as some more detailed data pertaining to socialization during play. It is important to note that any “friends” I make reference to while gaming are close friends of mine, and not just other players I’ve been matched with through online play.

I will be monitoring:

  • Time played
  • Location
  • If I was multitasking during play
  • If I was playing alone or with friends
  • How many friends I was playing with
  • The mode of communication used

After presenting the data for each game in a table, I will delve into a brief analysis of the information gathered, as well as some insight as to how playing made me feel, think, and act during each session.

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  1. Doug Stetar September 19, 2017

    Hi Finch,
    This methodology looks good. One thing I would note is to not underrepresent your personal reflection on how your gaming affects your mood and emotions. This aspect of our gaming is something we want to explore deeply in our blogs.

    I look forward to reading your posts.


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