Gameplay Blog #4 – A Chance to Breathe

Gameplay Statistics – Week 4

Monday, September 25, 2017 – Sunday, October 1, 2017

Days of the week in which games were played: Monday, Tuesday
Total number of video games played: 1
Total video game duration: 3 hours
Communities involved: N/A

Game Platform Duration
Super Mario Galaxy PC/Dolphin (Wii) 3 hours

Total number of non-video games played: 0
Total non-video game duration: N/A
Communities involved: N/A
Number of supplemental game or game-related activities: 0

Tags: PC, Dolphin, Nintendo, Wii, Mario

Attitude is Everything

The last couple weeks I was in a really bad mood.  Perhaps that’s why I felt so negative towards the small amount of game time I had. This week was different; things had slowed down a bit at work, so I was able to get some more game time in.  Recall that previously I had felt the novelty was wearing off rather quickly for the Wii games I was playing on Dolphin emulator.  This week I was able to dig in a bit deeper and actually started to feel a bit of challenge with Super Mario Galaxy.

One of the things that kept my attention was the diversity of the levels.  Super Mario Galaxy is a dynamic gameplay experience, and the bosses and mini-bosses are a real treat (even if they are a bit too easy for someone like me).  The video above and the one below show my first encounters with each of these bosses.

Because I didn’t have so much on my plate this week, I was able to play long enough to get “in the zone.”  In the previous weeks, I had waded through the beginning levels of Galaxy at a snail’s pace.  It wasn’t that interesting because they were the early levels and I was learning the ropes.  Although the controls in Galaxy are intuitive, the whole gravity aspect takes some getting used to.  It’s the camera flips and reorientations that are tricky.

Which way is up again?

Which way is up again?

In the 3 hours I played this week, I was able to obtain 28 stars.  Compared that to the previous week where I had taken 4 hours to obtain 22 stars, and those were the easy levels!  This time around I was completing some levels in under 4 minutes.  I also had to look online for hints for some of the hidden stars.  This was much more satisfying than my previous attempt at Galaxy.

One particular novelty I enjoyed was the special “comet” stars which act as modifiers on already existing levels.  For example, after I defeated the Bouldergeist (in the first video above), I had the option to go back and do it again with the “Daredevil” comet.  This means if you get hit once, you have to restart the level.  I found this far more satisfying to complete than the relatively trivial vanilla stars.  I felt good after my game sessions this week.  They offered me a chance to relax and unwind at the end of a crazy September.  The feeling of making quick progress through the game affected me greatly.  I think it tapped into my desire for instant gratification.  This feeling wasn’t getting exploited in previous gameplay attempts at Galaxy because I was still learning and the beginning levels weren’t much of a challenge.

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