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Hi everyone,

To add to my last post where I wrote about the book, LAUNCH (Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out The Maker in Every Student), by John Spencer and A.J Juliani, I ended up finding a podcast where John Spencer gets interviewed.

The podcast was introduced to me by Nadine Sexton.  It’s called The Cult of Pedagogy with Jennifer Gonzalez.  Episode 96: What’s the Point of a Makerspace? is the episode where Jennifer interviews the author John Spencer.  While this episode mostly focuses on Makerspaces, it is linked to inquiry and is interesting to hear his point on why Makerspaces are valuable.  We hear a lot about Makerspaces and inquiry but it’s nice to hear some real examples.

Another episode that I found really useful is Episode 86: Sex Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018. Jennifer does a technology episode each year and it discusses really neat apps and programs that are useful for a whole bunch of things (assessment, student-led, etc.).  She sells a PDF explaining a wide range of tech tools on Teachers Pay Teachers: .  I recommend checking it out!


-Genoa Bouchard

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