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Inquiry in the Science Classroom

We’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of inquiry in science.  However, I still didn’t really know how I could apply this in a primary classroom.  After doing some research, I found a series of YouTube videos provided by the Ontario Science Centre. It’s a series of 4 videos that follows a primary teacher teaching simple machines.

Video 1: I really enjoyed how they explained that the teacher isn’t an expert in Science or the subject of ‘simple machines.’  It explains the steps she takes to setting up her lessons and inquiry activities.

Video 2: The teacher does an activity of structured inquiry, which is where she gives the question and procedure but not the answer/solution.
Question + Procedure + Solution

Video 3: This video talks a about teacher flexibility and its importance. It also discusses proper questioning for inquiry (open-ended questions).

Video 4: Talks about inquiry skills the students need to build. There are 4 skills they need to learn: Initiating and PlanningPerforming and RecordingAnalyzing and InterpretingCommunicating

What did you think of this teachers method?

-Genoa 🙂

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  1. As I leave this comment, your recent connections made in Science Methods hangs in my head. I love this resource, and the link to Ontario Science. It help re-purpose content made for Canadian curriculum from outside of BC. The videos offer a good recapture of what our degree is all about, letting the students learn their way.

    1. Thanks for the comment Simin. I agree, these are some great videos and are easy to connect with since they are Canadian. Even though Ontario is outside of BC and their curriculum may differ some, there’s still a lot of connections.

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