Amber Crittenden~Assignment #1.

The Design Process

The material this week made me think of the steps I take to start assignments, specifically research papers. Before I developed a process that worked I would get so overwhelmed with big papers. My diagram represents everything I need to remember in order to complete my assignments. The first step of my process is understanding the assignment. There have been many classes I have had where the professor hands out a sheet with all assignments listed, but does not go in depth about the assignments until a later date. A simple misunderstanding in the assignment could lead to a grade you didn’t want. I have a great example of this from a medical history class I took last year. The assignment was a research paper on influential people of a certain time frame. We were given a list of names to choose from and I ended up writing about a completely different person with the same name listed. If I understood the paper better and clarified with my professor then I would of written about the right person. I still ended up getting a good grade for my writing but was obviously docked marks for writing about the wrong person. The second step is brainstorming what I know about the topic, and what I need to research. I then begin researching all sources I can, while keeping the topic concise.  Making time for breaks and stretching is vital because I find I write better with a clear mind and some food in my system. That is why there is a step to eat in my process. The next step I take is organizing my research notes and developing an outline. From this outline I create a rough draft, edit like a mad woman then submit! My process is very general and allows my brain to relax and not overthink my assignments, which has taken a lot of stress away from me when it comes to writing.

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Amber C

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