Noriko Fujiwara / Assignment #2

This is a granola product called “love crunch” from Nature’s path. (I found it in Costco!)

The audience of this visual design s profiled by many views. Firstly, I assume the age and gender of this audience is around 20 to 35 years old (or more, but not over 50) women because the colour used in this design is pink and also the bg heart mark can show that the product is trying to attract femle, especially young one. Then, the location is probably in North America which use English. Moreover, this design can attract audience who cares about healthy or organic (and non-GMO) diet, but wants treat as well (or they might want to lose feeling guilty by eating chocolate). Also, the design is unique compared with other granola or cereal packages, so people who like to choose more special or different things might like it.


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