Alex Cunningham | Assignment 3


This poster is meant to feature the tagline Stephanie coined in our previous class. In a finished draft it would be a primarily typographical poster in line with the minimalist, modern classic aesthetic. This would place emphasis on the SQUISH brand bag and logo while emphasizing the exclusivity the brand capitalizes on. The main focus in a final draft of this poster would be on the loop of the ‘y’ “holding” the bag of candy. This allows the viewer to superimpose themselves into the image while making a visual pun on the word “your.”

This poster is meant to have more emphasis on images rather than typography. I decided to focus on the watermelon in the logo, and use that to tie in both the brand and reference their more unique and flavor focused candies. By having the watermelon (a fresh fruit) and the candies in competition it further highlights how the candies are a treat that scratch the same itch as “real” fruit. Then I tried to tie it back into an idea of luxury with the tagline: “Go ahead… Spoil yourself.” I thought I was clever, but a quick google shows that I am one of hundreds using this.

Regardless, this poster further pushes a minimalist aesthetic that serves to emphasize the branding and packaging- hopefully impressing it into the viewer’s mind.

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