Amber Crittenden~Assignment #3

In my group we talked a lot about the experience of food in multiple countries. I really liked the idea to incorporate food into our posters because it can show so much variety and appeal to multiple senses at the same time. The first idea I drew was one thought up in the group brainstorm; a cruise ship in a bowl of soup. I think this idea is so simple and the surrealism draws the viewer in-it definitely makes you look twice. My second image is still a play on the food inspiration. I was looking at the Viking website on the Asian cruise trip. My first thought was beautiful spoon dishes. The dishes are small, delicate and simply gorgeous plus the colour would look amazing on a finalized poster. I think this idea would be great for a cruise line because it can showcase different dishes from around the world and cater to multiple audiences by showcasing a regions signature dish or delicacy.

Thanks for looking!

Amber C

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