Noriko Fujiwara / Assignment #4

I wrote these lines with the concept of “fast”. I used weight change into the lines to show the lines are coming from far away to the front. Also, by making the front of lines sharp, “fast” can be seen.


These lines show “bright”. I thought brightness will spread from the inside to outside, so I wrote like this lines, but the asterisks around the lines might be point, not lines… (I’m not sure.)


This shows “lost” with many thin and thick lines in many directions. In my thought “lost” would be very dark idea, complex, and stressed by a plenty of things, so I wrote many lines mixing together.


This shows “heavy”, and I put volume of the picture in the middle-bottom by making the middle of lines thicker. So, it seems like these lines are weighted from the top.

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  1. Hi Noriko,
    I have chosen to provide feedback on your four line drawings.
    I really like your depiction of ‘fast’. The lines do indeed look like they are coming from a distance, almost out of no where, and the way you have shown them as thicker with the arrow at the end gives them direction and a sense that they have arrived quickly.
    Your use of radial symmetry in your ‘bright’ lines is also effective as are the asterisks, which add to the brightness and are intersecting lines.
    Your depiction of ‘lost’ is amazing. I think your use of both thin and thicker lines is effective and there is very little space to get out of it. It looks like one would get tangled up no matter which way they went.
    Your use of a heavy, thickening line for ‘heavy’ creates that sensation. The finer, spiral line below looks like it is bolstering it up.

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