Stephanie Mackintosh | Show and Tell

Geometric art has always been extremely captivating to me. I am drawn to visuals that incorporate geometric shapes and tendencies because I find them pleasant to the eye. After reading this article, I have developed a better understanding of some of the potential reasons for why I and many others feel this way. One of the main reasons why geometric shapes grab people’s attention is because they are visually simple while at the same time theoretically dense. Geometric art balances shapes and colours to create a theme or consistency within a piece of work. What I love about the first image in my show and tell is that we first notice the natural beauty of a landscape, we recognize that this is a photograph from something in nature. What makes it different is that there is a visual element that is concrete and recognizable, an artist has used the natural frame of the photo but incorporated a geometric shape. There is something very appealing to witness a perfect shape within a realm of imperfection. The second image I have chosen is very different from the first, the focus is on colour and dimension. The colours are simple and connect in some way to one another, the shapes are symmetrical and straight edged, this creates different dimensions within the image that pull you towards the center of the page. One of the great effects this image has on its audience is the ability to demonstrate visual balance. Although the image is abstract, there is still a purpose for every mark on the page, the audience is left feeling content with their experience of it. The article talks about the use of geometry and how one of its core intentions is to convey “the primacy of pure feeling in creative art,” I agree with the statement entirely. One of the greatest takeaways from reading the article is that I am able to have a deeper understanding of why I enjoy geometrical expression, I would like to further understand different ways to incorporate geometry in my artistic practice.  

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