Pam Vickars / Assignment #10


My self-care experience was gardening at the home  we are downsizing to.  I was there with two of our dogs, and had the most joyful and relaxing experience getting back to gardening. It didn’t feel like work at all.  The dogs were quiet and relaxed, there were no phone calls or text messages to deal with, and the neighbourhood was particularly quiet.  It was sunny, but not overly hot, and I had no reason to rush.  The ocean in the distance was very calming.  The first picture is of a shrub in the garden bed bordering one of the neighbours.  The second picture, taken beforehand, provides the context.  The woman who previously owned the house kept all of the shrubs cut back.  I am encouraging them to grow larger and was so surprised to see this one leaf up in the most glorious colour of yellow, rather than the usual green.  The neighbour was also pleasantly surprised.  From this shrub, I started to notice the presence of yellow in other areas of the garden and the warming effect it adds to landscaping alongside the other colours, as well as the same effect it was having on me.  It is a colour to be remembered in various areas of design.

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