Stephanie Mackintosh | Assignment #10

This was a much needed self care day. I was happy to be able to get outside and enjoy the hot sunny weather down by the harbour. My boyfriend and I spent the afternoon in the grassy park next to harbour playing volleyball, soccer, and learning new tricks with the ball. I took the time to have a reflective experience while I was out in nature and realized how much influence nature can have on creativity. After paying attention and focusing on the colours that appear during the warmer months I have realized how the light of the sun and the bright green colours of the trees creates a happiness within me. I feel inspired and alive when I place myself in the natural beauties of the world. I am able to take the feelings and inspiration I gain from being outside in nature and incorporate them into my dance compositions as well as my paintings and art work. My favorite pieces to paint are ones that represent nature such as sunsets, mountain views, trees, flowers, and many other elements of the outdoors. In order to have a better understanding of colour incorporation, being outside and physically visualizing what nature looks like is the best way for me to develop new and creative ideas for my work.

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