Alex Cunningham | Assignment #12

types used: Raleway Light and Oswald Book

[Do you ever wake up at three am in a cold sweat because you know there’s something you needed to do? That was me, right this instant. Fortunately I just have to post this, but damn!!! That scared the hoot out of me! Back to your scheduled post… ]

So for this piece I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to go with at first. I turned over a couple of ideas in my head, and practiced the foundational alphabet in calligraphy in the hopes of something hitting me. After a bit I ditched the calligraphy because I wanted to do a piece that would cover a bit from multiple classes. As such the piece features black and white line work, colour theory, some principles of design, and very minimal typography. I hoped that this would get across the image of a ‘work in progress,’ which is part of why it bleeds outside of the module. For once I decided to shy away from super minimalist aesthetic, but this doesn’t cross the line into a more maximal aesthetic. I’m a little sad I couldn’t push this farther from my comfort zone, but it just kept looking gross the more over the top I went. I’m glad I had the chance to brainstorm some interesting ideas and to practice my calligraphy.

I went for a simple layout to take advantage of the Western desire for linear, ‘left to right,’ setups. I figured the centre would be busy enough without too many flourishes. This also applied to my choice of typography–I aimed to have the two contrast enough to place emphasis on the course title, but not so much that it overtakes everything. I attempted to use a combo of my physical renderings and my sketches ipad app. It worked out for a more completed version of my ‘logo thumbnail’, but my final piece is fully digital.

This piece was always laid out in a horizontal grid, but from the start I wanted to have visible borders/ “boundaries” being crossed or broken. This is meant to echo the tagline I used. “There’s nothing stopping you… register today,” this has three meanings for me; first, the obvious– a student can apply to this course without any prerequisites; second, it reflects the boundaries being ignored/crossed; finally, and most personally, it is a reprimand to myself. Before this summer I was, and to an extent still am, very nervous about making, sharing, and discussing art and design. The idea of doing a class where your grade depends on those very things really held me back from taking art courses. I felt like I couldn’t take any art courses because of my lack of talent and my fear of being judged and found wanting. This is just in my head. At some point I realized that the only reason I wasn’t taking art courses was because I was afraid. “There’s nothing stopping you” then is an admonishment to myself and others in the same boat.

I enjoyed this class! It was nice to meet and spend time with you all!

Now I’m going to repost my missing work from facebook and then get some sleep before work. Hope you all have good days!

That blur? That is my cat. She is incredible at helping.
starting thumbnail, very simple
My cat was still “helping.” Very basic goals + grid layout concepts.
I kinda wanted to make a logo/button like design for the “register now part.” Looked very clunky when executed. More suited for a very minimal piece.

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