Noriko Fujiwara / Assignment #12

For the assignment 12, I designed a postcard to promote this class. The most important idea of making this postcard is trying to make students interested in this course, so I put many colours on it. Since I really enjoyed Typography and Colour Theory in this course, I stressed them in this postcard. I didn’t put many words because I wanted to make it simple and tell message without many words. Also, personally, I don’t feel reading many words in postcard. The audiences of this promotion is students in VIU, and the reasons why I chose creating postcard instead of poster are because people can bring or grab easily, and I thought postcard promotion is unique.

The reason why I chose the colour light green and pale pink for the tag (headline) is because of th website’s colour. Even though the colour may be light for the title, I coloured like gradtion to make difference from other design.

I put this title and colour palette where the rule of third is to make well-balanced.

These are other 4 thumbnails, and I really like the first one which is really simple and have big colour stress (and rule of third and typography). However, there is not much other content in this, so I decided not to use it. The forth one is similar to the final postcard, and after I created te final one, I have a feeling that I might like the thumbnail one more, so I may resubmitt other design by 23rd with advice.

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