Stephanie Mackintosh | Assignment 12

This class overall has been an incredible experience both for learning and creative expression. This is what I aimed to put forward in the design of my art 100 promo. For this assignment I decided to use the brochure format because I wanted to include text regarding the course content. I believe the use of a brochure can be a great way to deliver a message, with a large opportunity for creative expression through the format. I decided to use a column grid for the layout of the text as well as following the rule of thirds with my three page layout. I made use of different fonts to grab audience attention and to maintain interest in the topic. I used personal photos of activities done in class to give an authentic demonstration of the course work. The target audience for my brochure is students at Vancouver Island University  or students planning to attend Vancouver Island University. I used language that is loose and casual in order to relate with the student population and put forward the idea that the focus is on the visuals rather than on what exactly it is that I am saying. I used bold headers to direct the reader in the order I want them to read the brochure, and smaller text for the more detailed narrative. I used blue for the paper because it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth which are all very capturing and eye grabbing.


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