Alex Cunningham | Assignment #8

depicts certainty and uncertainty
depicts depression and elation

I loved my depression/elation part of assignment 8, but man did I ever hate my certainty/uncertainty. It was odd because my relationship to depression is far from ideal, and I would never describe it as good. I do feel like I got across what my depression is like using only colour, though I would so a less bright gradient in the future. It works nicely with elation in the meantime!

Certainty was green because that felt like the most certain colour. I was tempted, and made about six versions of these two that were black, white, and gray. I was just worried that if I didn’t include colour that I was just repeating old work and not fulfilling the assignment properly. If I were to redo this part of this assignment (because I am more than okay with depression/elation) I’m not completely sure how I would fix them. Lines are the most certain form though, I won’t argue that. Maybe abstract checkmarks? Red for “falling into the red”? This assignment haunts me…


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